Top-quality advice in Petroleum Systems Analysis 

Flexible – “on-demand” – 24/7 support to your staff

New service by three highly experienced experts

Andrew Pepper

This !s Petroleum System, LLC
Houston, TX, USA

David Rajmon

Prague, Czech republic

Andrew Murray

Murray Partners PPSA Ltd.
Perth, WA, Australia


  • Petroleum Systems Analysis (PSA) - the integration of geology, basin modelling and geochemistry to address charge risk at the basin, play and prospect level
  • More than 80 years experience in industry petroleum systems analysis
  • Expertise across all relevant technologies used from regional to reservoir scale including reservoir geochemistry/fluid properties assessment
  • A strong and diverse network of associates - PSA project providers, specialists in play-based evaluation, analytical geochemistry, reservoir geology/engineeering, diagenesis, pore pressure, structural geology, plate tectonics, seismic and non-seismic geophysics, and software technology
  • Experience in most of the worlds petroleum systems

The service

  • Short, ad-hoc, interactive technical consultation - workflows, methods, data analysis
  • Project framing and post-project review 
  • Peer guidance/review and mentoring for early career PSAs and geologists
  • Access to associates expertise as part of our service and on the same, flexible basis
  • Project execution is NOT part of the service but we can help you individually or put you in touch with project-providers whose work we know and trust.


  • Delivered “on-demand” via web meetings, email, telcons etc.
  • Availability 24/7 due to our spread across time zones